24 Things to Declutter in 2024

As the calendar turns to a new year, it’s the perfect time to declutter and create a space that feels lighter, more organized, and ready for new beginnings. To help you embark on your decluttering journey, I’ve compiled a list of 24 things to declutter in 2024. From your closet to your kitchen and beyond, these are the things you can declutter to make space for a fresh start.

1. Clothing:

Start with your wardrobe. Donate or sell clothing you haven’t worn in the last year. If it doesn’t bring you joy or serve a purpose, it’s time to part ways.

2. Shoes:

Toss out worn-out shoes or those you no longer wear. Make room for the footwear you love and wear regularly.

3. Kitchen Gadgets:

Simplify your kitchen by getting rid of unused or redundant gadgets. If you haven’t used that avocado slicer in years, it’s time to let it go.

4. Expired Food:

Check your pantry and refrigerator for expired or unused food items. Dispose of anything that’s past its prime to make room for fresh groceries.

5. Old Magazines/Books:

Donate or recycle magazines and books you won’t read again. Declutter your shelves and make space for new stories.

6. Unused Electronics:

Recycle or sell old devices that are collecting dust. Keeping outdated electronics only clutters your living space.

7. Unused Furniture:

Evaluate if you really need that extra coffee table or chair. If it’s taking up space without adding value, consider selling or donating it.

8. Expired Medications:

Safely dispose of expired or unused medications. Check your medicine cabinet and keep only what you need.

9. Toys:

If your kids have outgrown toys, donate or sell them. This not only declutters your home but also brings joy to others.

10. Jewelry:

Declutter by parting with pieces you never wear. Keep the jewelry you love and actually use.

11. Duplicated Items:

Get rid of items you have multiples of (e.g., duplicate kitchen utensils). Simplify your life by keeping just one of each.

12. Old Towels and Linens:

Donate old towels and linens to animal shelters. They can be put to good use while you free up space in your linen closet.

13. Cosmetics/Toiletries:

Toss expired or unused beauty products. Streamline your skincare and makeup collection.

24 Things to Declutter in 2024 Checklist

14. CDs/DVDs:

Digitize your media and get rid of physical discs. Create digital libraries for music and movies to save space.

15. Expired Cleaning Supplies:

Check your cleaning products for expiration dates. Dispose of expired supplies and make room for fresh, effective cleaners.

16. Unused Exercise Equipment:

If it’s gathering dust, it’s time to let it go. Unused exercise equipment takes up valuable space and can be better used by someone else.

17. Old Receipts and Papers:

Shred or recycle papers you no longer need. Keep important documents and let go of unnecessary paperwork.

18. Broken Items:

Be honest about whether you’ll actually fix them. Broken items often linger, taking up space with good intentions. If you won’t repair it, let it go.

19. Unused Craft Supplies:

If you haven’t used them in years, let them go. Craft supplies can accumulate quickly, so keep only what you’ll actually use.

20. Outdated Decor:

Refresh your living space by removing decor you no longer love. Create a more harmonious and meaningful atmosphere.

21. Garden Tools:

Only keep tools you use for gardening. Declutter your shed or garage and make space for well-maintained tools.

22. Unused Cookware:

Declutter your kitchen by assessing your cookware. If you haven’t used that specialty pan in ages, it might be time to part ways.

23. Unread Magazines/Newsletters:

Cancel subscriptions you don’t read. Save both money and space by only keeping subscriptions that truly interest you.

24. Sentimental Items:

Keep the most meaningful and let go of the rest. While sentiment is essential, too many sentimental items can lead to clutter. Choose the most cherished items to preserve their significance.

With these 24 things to declutter in 2024, you’ll create a more organized, efficient, and peaceful living space. Embrace the joy of letting go and welcome the new year with a refreshed and clutter-free environment.

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