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15 Things You Can Declutter From Your Bathroom TODAY

Clearing the Clutter for a More Relaxing Retreat

Your bathroom should be a sanctuary of cleanliness and relaxation, but it’s easy for it to become a cluttered nightmare. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the mess in your bathroom, don’t worry – it’s time for a bathroom decluttering mission! In this blog post, I’ll share 15 things you can declutter from your bathroom today, providing you with a roadmap to a more organized and inviting space. So, let’s get started on transforming your bathroom into the serene retreat you deserve and decluttering your bathroom.

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1. Expired Medications and Toiletries

First things first, open up your medicine cabinet and toiletry storage. Check for any expired medications, creams, or toiletries. These not only take up space but can also be ineffective or even harmful if used past their expiration date. Dispose of them properly. These are a decluttering easy win because there’s usually at least one or two expired medications hanging around!

2. Old and Worn Towels

We all have those towels that have seen better days – frayed edges, faded colors, or a bit too scratchy for comfort – I know I have. Replace these with fresh, plush towels that will make your post-shower experience all the more luxurious. You can gift the old towels to goodwill or if you have a local pet rehoming centre, they are usually grateful for old towels.

3. Unused Hair and Beauty Products

If you’ve got a collection of half-empty hair serums, abandoned styling tools, or beauty products you bought on a whim but never use, it’s time to let them go. I’m so guilty of trying new products that don’t suit my hair type, and then putting them in the bathroom to try again another day – as if that’ll make a difference! Stick to the essentials you actually use and love.

4. Empty or Near-Empty Bottles

Those nearly empty shampoo and conditioner bottles that you keep promising to finish? If you haven’t used them in a while, it’s unlikely you ever will. Combine them or recycle the bottles to free up space in your shower or on your bathroom shelf.

5. Out-of-Season Items

Why clutter your bathroom with beachy sunscreen and after-sun lotion in the middle of winter? Store seasonal items like these in a closet or under the sink until you need them. This leaves space for the products you’re currently using.

6. Unused Makeup

Ladies and gents, it’s time to tackle that makeup stash. If you have makeup you haven’t touched in months (or years), it’s probably time to part ways – crazy coloured eyeshadow, I’m looking at you! Old makeup can harbour bacteria and may not perform as intended. Be ruthless in your decluttering – keep only what you regularly use.

7. Broken or Unused Appliances

Do you have a hairdryer with a missing nozzle or a straightener that’s seen better days? Holding onto broken or unused appliances just clutters your bathroom and makes it harder to find what you need. Either fix them or say goodbye.

8. Empty or Unused Perfume Bottles

Perfume bottles can be beautiful, but they can also accumulate quickly. If you have empty bottles or fragrances you never wear, consider giving them away or recycling the glass containers.

9. Duplicates

Are you guilty of buying the same shampoo or shower gel over and over because you forgot you already had it? Check for duplicates and consolidate your stock. It saves money and space.

10. Expired Sunscreen

Sunscreen is essential, but it does expire. Check the expiration dates on your sunscreen bottles and toss any that are past their prime. A fresh bottle will ensure you’re adequately protected from the sun’s harmful rays.

11. Unused or Old Toothbrushes

Replace your toothbrush every three to four months, or sooner if the bristles are frayed. If you have old toothbrushes lying around, either recycle them or repurpose them for cleaning tasks.

12. Empty Soap Dispensers

Empty soap dispensers are not only frustrating when you need to wash your hands, but they also contribute to bathroom clutter. Replace them or refill them promptly to maintain a clean and organized sink area.

13. Unwanted Samples

Those free samples you collect but never use? They tend to pile up and take precious space. Go through your stash and either use them or give them away.

14. Scratched or Unused Bath Accessories

Bath accessories like loofahs, brushes, and bath boards can lose their appeal over time. If they’re scratched, damaged, or you haven’t used them in a while, consider discarding or donating them.

15. Outdated Magazines and Reading Material

Bathroom reading material can accumulate quickly. Go through your stack of magazines and books. Keep only what you’re currently reading or swap them out for fresh material.

A minimalist bathroom vanity with mirror

These are just 15 things you can declutter from your bathroom today!

Decluttering the bathroom doesn’t just clear physical space; it can also declutter your mind and create a more inviting atmosphere. By removing these 15 items from your bathroom, you’ll be on your way to a tidier, more organized, and relaxing space. Keep in mind that decluttering is an ongoing process, so make it a habit to periodically review your bathroom and remove items that no longer serve a purpose. With a clutter-free bathroom, you’ll enjoy your daily routines more and feel a greater sense of calm in this important space. Now that you’ve decluttered your bathroom you might like these easy Bathroom Organization Tips and A Guide to Organizing Bathroom Drawers

Happy decluttering!

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