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Kitchen Organization Essentials

Keeping the kitchen organized can be one of the hardest things for a family to do, especially if you’re working with a small area without a lot of room. Pots and pans get stacked up and messy in cabinets, spices may get thrown around, the fridge can get crowded and unorganized. It can quickly become a mess making it hard to find the things you need when you need them. Luckily, there are some great items that can help you keep organized and save some space. If you are working with a small kitchen and don’t have a lot of room to store things, these are some of kitchen organization essentials that will make your life so much easier, and make your kitchen feel more spacious. These items will help you keep everything from items in your fridge to items in your pantry and under the sink nice and tidy.

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Kitchen Organization Essentials

Bamboo Top Organizer

A great way to store fruits and vegetables when you need some extra space. The baskets can stack, saving you even more room and you can use the bamboo lid as a cutting board.

Over the Cabinet Door Organizer

For extra room, storing things under the sink is a great way to do so and easily done with this over the cabinet door organizer. It’s perfect for storing away your cutting board, cookie sheets, foil, food wrap, and more.

Magnetic Spice Rack

Easily keep things organized in the kitchen with this magnetic spice rack. It will allow you to store your spices, cooking utensils, and more on the side of the fridge.

Wrap Organizer

Keep track of your foil, wax, and plastic wrap with this wrap organizer. You can store it in a drawer, in the cabinet, or other areas to save space.

Pot and Pan Organizer

No more unorganized pots and pans hidden in the cabinet. Use this pot and pan organizer instead to keep everything nice and neat whether it’s in the cabinet or on top of the cabinet.


Lazy Susan Organizer

Use it in the kitchen to easily keep your favorite sauces, spices, oils nicer and neater. This clever Lazy Susan organizer can hold up to 30 pounds, giving you plenty of options.

Refrigerator Organizer Bins

Let’s face it, the fridge can get packed and when it does, it can be hard to find the things you need. These refrigerator organizer bins will help keep your items tidy and easy to find.

Water Bottle Organizer

Never lose your water bottles or travel mugs again with this clever water bottle organizer. You can use it in the fridge or in the cabinet to keep the mugs and lids together and organized.

Bamboo Stove Top Shelf

This magnetic shelf will help you keep your most used kitchen spices organized. The shelf sits on top of your stove so you can easily access the items when you need them and save space on the counter.

Kitchen Countertop Organizer

This 3 tier corner shelf organizer is great for keeping various kitchen items organized on your counter. You can place items on the shelves as well as underneath.

The Sink Dish Drying Rack

Easily store your dishes on top of the sink with this over sink dish drying rack after the dishes are done. You can also store your sponges and dish liquid safely with this rack.

Pull Out Spice Rack

Easily store your spices in this pull out spice rack. It’s perfect for keeping your cabinets organized and clean and you can easily pull out the rack when you need to grab one of your spices.

Food Storage Containers

Simple but so helpful when it comes to organizing your kitchen cabinets. You can use the food storage containers to hold everything from pasta and cereal to sugar and flour.

Under The Sink Organizer

Many of us store our cleaning supplies under the sink which can get messy. Use this under the sink storage container to keep the cleaning supplies organized, giving you more room under the sink. You can also use it elsewhere, to provide valuable additional storage.

Large Pantry Door Organizer

Hang this metal pantry door organizer on the back of the pantry door to keep your spices, condiments, canned food, and other pantry essentials organized.

These kitchen organization essentials will help you to create a kitchen you love to be in! Using these clever storage solutions will help you create a feeling of space and who doesn’t love an organized kitchen? For more kitchen organization tips, you might like: How to Declutter Under the Kitchen Sink 10 Genius Ways to Organize a Small Pantry

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