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10 Things I’ve Stopped Buying Since Going Minimalist

Minimalism isn’t just about having less stuff and living in a small space. It’s about being happier in your day-to-day life and letting the items around you bring you peace. Decluttering my life has been an eye-opening experience to just how much clutter I was bringing in and what things I find I no longer need now that I live a minimalist lifestyle. Here are 10 things I stopped buying now that I’m minimalist.

Single-Use Products (to an extent)

There are some things I can’t do without in my daily life, but most single-use products really aren’t worth it. For example, buying water bottles just to drink water and throw the bottle away is wasteful (and expensive!). Instead, I use a refillable water bottle.

One Purpose Appliances

Having a gadget for every food item in the known universe is expensive and takes up a ton of space! Do you really need something to slice eggs when you have perfectly good knives?! For an appliance to be worth it, it needs to have more than one use or save me a ton of time in that one area it is great at!

Cups and Bottles

You don’t need to buy another tumbler, glass, or bottle. You probably have more than your cupboards can hold and then some. Decluttering your kitchen cupboards will help you to see what glassware you have and save buying more.

Things That Don’t Last

Instead of getting something right away, I save up to buy quality items that last. I save money because my stuff lasts longer, and  I don’t waste money on things that won’t stand the test. Things like quality clothes, home furnishings, bedding and even cleaning products – cheap bin bags are nobody’s friend! I like to shop the sales of my favourite stores so I don’t have to spend as much but still get the quality.

Event Clothing

You need a dress for that wedding, shoes, and a bracelet, and before you know it, you’ve spent £800 for one event before you’ve even arrived! Instead of buying event clothing, I reuse the same dresses, shoes, and what I have for multiple events. Literally nobody cares whether you wear the same outfit for multiple weddings – chances are people won’t even notice because they’re more concerned with their own outfits. Buying second hand can save even more money (and again, who will know?!). Organizing your closet with a minimalist capsule wardrobe means you can include more formal items in this, and get use of out them after the event.

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Souvenirs and Nick-Knacks

Whoever came up with the idea that you need something physical from every place you visit needed to be corrected. The photos and those special items that were once in a lifetime from my travels are the ones that will last, not the random nicknames on shot glasses and souvenirs that never get displayed. I’ve still got the odd souvenir from my honeymoon but I stopped buying holiday “tat” soon after that!

Overdoing it on Personal Care Items

How often do we buy products to find they’re not right for our skin or, in the case of make up, the colour is off? There are a lot of beauty and personal care items on the market, but you don’t need them all. Look for things that do double duty and focus on only the items you really need.

Impulse Buys

Every purchase that comes into my home is intentional, and I must find a home for it. This means impulse buys break my peace which is worth more than £5 or whatever that impulse buy would have cost! Cutting down on impulse buys means I only buy what I need or really want.

Extra Furniture

How many chairs did you get thinking, “Well, when we have guests over,” and now those chairs sit empty year after year! You don’t need extra furniture; you probably have more than you need already. Or if (like me) you get caught up in the latest home decor trends and think you need a side table or extra sideboard in the dining room – chances are you don’t.

Trendy Items

Things come and go out of style, and the ones that really last were the ones that were still functional long after the trend ended. Instead of hopping on the latest trend, ask yourself if it really will last in the long run. I used to get caught up in home decor trends and found myself painting rooms in my house to tie in – it was so wasteful! Sticking to my own true style means I save money and I love the space I live in, and living a more minimalist lifestyle means I have more space to enjoy (and who doesn’t enjoy the minimalist lifestyle aesthetic?).

If you are tired of being burdened by your home, consider making these ten swaps! Not buying these things has changed my life and helped me live a more sustainable and minimalist lifestyle. Less stuff also equals less cleaning, which is a win in my eyes!

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